100% Renewable Community Campaign

Looking for a way to make a positive impact and drive change towards a greener future? The 100% Renewable Community Campaign offers an exciting opportunity to join a values-driven organisation on a mission to grow and protect renewable energy in Australia. Solar Citizens, the parent organisation, is an independent, community-based organisation that unites solar owners, supporters, and those who want to take energy generation into their own hands. At the heart of the campaign lies the belief in affordability and accessibility of solar power for everyone. With 2 million Australian households and businesses already benefiting from rooftop solar, Solar Citizens envision a brighter, cleaner future powered by the sun. They focus on several campaigns that promote clean solutions, such as affordable clean technology for all households and replacing fossil fuels with renewables backed up by storage. Join the ranks of passionate individuals who are committed to protecting the rights of over three million solar homes and businesses and be part of the driving force towards a cleaner, more sustainable Australia. Together with Solar Citizens, take the next step and help shape the future of renewable energy in the country.