ABC Friends National Inc.

ABC Friends National Inc. is a passionate non-profit organisation dedicated to the valuable cause of protecting and preserving Australia's national broadcaster, the ABC. With a strong belief in the importance of having an independent and adequately funded broadcasting service, this organisation plays a crucial role in advocating for the ABC's continued existence. As a team member of ABC Friends National Inc., you'll work alongside like-minded individuals and contribute to meaningful campaigns aimed at safeguarding the ABC's independence and promoting media freedom. One notable achievement includes their support for the ABC's new program, 'The Pacific', helping in revitalizing engagement with a culturally diverse region. Through various initiatives such as media releases, policy statements, and events, you'll have numerous opportunities to make a tangible difference to the future of Australia's public broadcasting. By generating public awareness and rallying support, you will help ensure the continued existence of this vital service. Join ABC Friends National Inc. and become part of a passionate community who share a common goal: defending and supporting the ABC's vital role within Australian society. With strength in numbers, together, we can make a difference for future generations.