ACT Shelter Association

ACT Shelter Association is a compassionate and dedicated not-for-profit organisation working tirelessly to address housing policy issues that affect the lives of individuals struggling with low to no incomes. With a steadfast commitment to social justice, they strive to ensure every member of the community has the opportunity for an affordable, safe, and secure home. Joining the ACT Shelter team presents a unique and rewarding opportunity to make a tangible and lasting difference in the lives of others. As an integral part of this passionate organisation, you will help amplify the voices of the most vulnerable members of our society and contribute to the development of effective housing policies that benefit all Canberrans. ACT Shelter believes in empowering every employee to create change and foster an environment of collaboration, support, and creativity. As a respected and influential leader in the housing sector, you can take pride in playing an active role in advocating for the rights of the underserved and expanding access to housing justice in your community. Be part of a dynamic and caring team dedicated to improving lives and bringing about positive change in the ACT.