Join the vibrant Alliance Fran├žaise de Sydney Cultural Foundation Limited (AFSCFL), a not-for-profit organisation committed to promoting French cultural events and fostering Franco-Australian cultural exchanges. Established in 2019 as the cultural arm of the Alliance Fran├žaise de Sydney, the AFSCFL upholds a proud tradition dating back to 1899. Today, this esteemed organisation boasts 834 branches across 132 countries, with Sydney's chapter nestled at a striking architectural landmark designed by the renowned Harry Seidler. Become an integral part of an inspiring team that organises over 50 events annually, encompassing film and cinema, literature, performing arts, visual arts, and various other art forms. Participate in film festivals, exhibitions, masterclasses, book signings, talks, design initiatives, television and radio broadcasts, and community arts programs, all in the name of French culture. As part of the AFSCFL family, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to a thriving cultural community and build lasting cross-cultural connections. Embrace and share your passion for French arts and culture, while inspiring others to join you on this incredible journey.