ASIT (WA) Ltd.

At ASIT (WA) Ltd., a Stitch in Time, their mission is to support individuals experiencing mental health challenges with a passionate focus on wellbeing, resilience, and positive psychological growth. Through their inspiring range of educational programs and interactive resources, ASIT aims to foster awareness, reduce stigma, and give hope to those grappling with mental health issues. As a team member at ASIT, you'll be part of a dedicated and compassionate community united by a shared vision of driving change in mental health understanding and support. Whether it's through their engaging blogs, educational courses, or generous gift of hope initiatives, your efforts will contribute to the organisation's heartfelt commitment to empower and uplift, making a tangible difference in the lives of those facing mental health obstacles. Joining ASIT means being part of an innovative non-profit organisation that actively champions wellbeing, resilience, and mental health for all individuals. You'll find yourself enveloped by a nurturing, supportive environment and working alongside a diverse group of passionate, like-minded individuals who share the same goal — to provide the tools and techniques necessary for improving resilience, embracing change, and ensuring a brighter future for all. Unleash your potential and transform your passion into purpose at ASIT (WA) Ltd., where your contributions will help to stitch together a healthier and happier world.