The Association of Haryanvis in Australia Incorporated (AHA) is a vibrant non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the unique Haryanvi culture and providing support to its members and the local community. As an AHA team member, you'll be a part of a collective that believes in not only preserving their culture but also contributing to the larger community by helping others assimilate and creating opportunities. From providing assistance to seniors, new migrants and students to supporting community-wide initiatives and collaborating with local authorities, AHA empowers its members to make a lasting impact. Working in partnership with other organisations, AHA has initiated various community projects such as NAATI CCL preparation, workshops on Australian driving licences and a national blood donation drive. As a passionate advocate for Haryanvi heritage, AHA is committed to celebrating its vibrant festivals, fostering brotherhood and harmony by organising exciting events that showcase the cultural traditions and achievements of the community. If you seek a fulfilling and inspiring experience, join AHA and help in making a difference in the lives of Haryanvis in Australia while keeping their cultural legacy alive.