Aussie Care N Share Ltd is a compassionate and values-driven non-profit organisation that works tirelessly to provide much-needed assistance to those who have faced adversity in their lives. Their passion to help is fueled by their commitment to provide relief to people in distress, victims of domestic violence, troubled youth, emotionally stressed individuals, and the homeless. Their dedicated staff, board members, and volunteers advocate for the well-being and support of the vulnerable communities they serve. Their mission is to build healthier communities by focusing on mental, physical, and sustainable aspects of well-being. By providing essential items to those living in homeless or low-income situations, and supporting victims of domestic violence, Aussie Care N Share aims to end violence and exploitation faced by the world's most vulnerable. Their core values of integrity, inclusion, empowerment, and honesty guide their priorities, commitments, and organisational decisions. By joining the Aussie Care N Share team, you'll be contributing to transforming and restoring the lives of those in need, and helping create a positive and lasting impact for a brighter, more secure future. Be inspired and become a part of this incredible organisation that truly cares and shares.