Al Sadiq College Ltd

Al Sadiq College Ltd is a compassionate and values-driven organisation that aims to provide an enriching, encouraging, and rewarding learning environment for students in the Muslim Alawite tradition. With a focus on respect, integrity, passion, humility, and honesty, Al Sadiq College is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence and the holistic development of each student. The college offers a diverse curriculum, including Arabic language and Islamic studies, alongside various co-curricular programs available from Kindergarten through to Year 12. Students are encouraged to develop leadership skills, participate in decision-making processes, and engage in independent learning. Located across two campuses in Yagoona and Greenacre, Al Sadiq College enjoys strong ties with its families and the wider Muslim Alawite community. The dedicated staff members are committed to ensuring a seamless transition for students between campuses and various stages of their educational journey. By joining Al Sadiq College, you will be part of an inspirational team that strives to create a flourishing and supportive atmosphere where students can thrive and achieve success. Become a catalyst for positive change and contribute to the inclusive and meaningful education Al Sadiq College offers. Your passion for education and community building can make a lasting impact on the lives of students and their families.