Albany Community Legal Centre Inc

Albany Community Legal Centre Inc (ACLC) is a dedicated non-profit organisation working tirelessly to create a just and fair community for everyone in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. Driven by the belief that everyone's rights matter, ACLC empowers over 70,000 people by providing essential access to legal, tenancy, and disability rights. By joining the committed team at ACLC, you'll be playing a critical role in ensuring vulnerable members of the community get the assistance they need. Whether helping people at risk of homelessness, experiencing family violence, or facing discrimination, you'll be making a tangible impact in the lives of those seeking justice and support. ACLC offers diverse services, including tenant advocacy, disability advocacy, and family safety projects, and fosters strong partnerships with various service providers. The organisation also values the contributions of donors, recognising the difference they make in helping ACLC assist more people in need. As an employee of Albany Community Legal Centre Inc, you'll be part of a passionate and talented team, working together to build a brighter, fairer future for all members of the Great Southern community.