Alphington Grammar School

Alphington Grammar School is a values-driven institution that aspires to excellence in every aspect of its students' education. Their top priority is to foster a sense of happiness, belonging and success for each child and their families, understanding that individual achievements are unique and personal milestones. Located in a stunning and convenient site near Darebin Creek and just under 10kms from Melbourne's CBD, Alphington Grammar School caters to children's academic, artistic and sporting pursuits. Here, students can explore their unique potential through diverse and innovative learning opportunities, including the school's impressive ASPIRE Program and ALPHA Initiative. In addition to its commitment to academic excellence, the school places a strong emphasis on student wellbeing, providing a nurturing and supportive environment where children can grow and thrive. The Alphington Community includes dedicated Parents and Friends Association, a lively school canteen, and lifelong connections with Alphington Grammarians. By joining the team at Alphington Grammar School, you will be part of an inspiring and values-driven education setting that contributes to the growth, happiness and success of every student. Seize the opportunity to shape the lives and minds of future generations as you embark on a rewarding and fulfilling career in this exceptional learning community.