Anglican Parish of Glenrock

Welcome to the Anglican Parish of Glenrock, a remarkable NFP organisation that fosters spirituality, community, and justice within the beautiful landscape of the Lake Macquarie district. As an employee at Glenrock, you will be part of an organisation that values a strong connection to the wisdom of the gospel, contemporary life, and the stunning natural environment that surrounds the community. The Parish of Glenrock is a space for individuals to deepen their spirituality, experience genuine community, and work passionately for social justice. Located on the traditional lands of the Awabakal people, Glenrock prides itself on its exceptional community life, engaging weekly events and gatherings, and its ardent commitment to equity and justice for all people. This organisation truly aims to be a vibrant and sustainable model of Missional church, serving as a beacon of hope and love for others. Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Glenrock Conservation Area and the active, eager nature of the local Kahibah community, a career at the Anglican Parish of Glenrock promises growth, fulfillment, and an undeniable sense of purpose. Join this mission-driven team of dedicated professionals, and be a part of a truly transformative NFP organisation that is making a positive difference in the lives of countless individuals.