Animal Defenders Office Inc.

Animal Defenders Office Inc. (ADO) is a passionate, values-driven non-profit community legal centre devoted to protecting animals and their advocates. Inspired by the long-standing Environmental Defenders Offices, ADO takes a proactive approach in specialising in animal law and animal protection matters. With a mission to utilise the law to safeguard animal interests and enable compassionate human choices, ADO offers free advice on how legal matters affect animals, advocates for law reform and policy formulation, and empowers the community to engage in public decision-making that impacts animal wellbeing. Entirely volunteer-based, ADO depends on the dedication and support of its volunteers and members, making it an inspiring workplace to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share your passion for animal rights. As a proud member of ADO's team, you will contribute to a much-needed service, helping create real change in society while actively supporting philanthropic efforts to protect vulnerable animals. Join the Animal Defenders Office Inc. today and be part of the movement that champions animal welfare through the power of the law.