Anzac Village Pre School Association Incorporated

Anzac Village Pre School Association Incorporated is a cherished educational institution with deep roots in the community. Established in 1968 by Defense Force families, this exceptional preschool continues its strong bond with the Australian Defense Force and its families, forming an important network and partnership for children with such a unique background. Anzac Village Pre School is passionately committed to providing an exemplary early learning experience for children aged 3 to 5 in a welcoming, bright, and natural environment. At Anzac Village, the dedicated team of educators work tirelessly to create nurturing and engaging indoor and outdoor learning spaces, fostering open-ended interactions and spontaneous exploration for students. With air-conditioned classrooms and a plethora of outdoor play areas, the facility boasts a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor spaces that cater to children's diverse needs and interests. Anzac Village Pre School is more than just an early learning center - it's a tight-knit family of educators, children, and parents who share common goals and values. Working with Anzac Village will not only present an opportunity to make a lasting impact on young lives, but also join a close-knit community that advocates for respect, teamwork, and trust for all its members. Be inspired to grow, learn, and contribute as part of this exceptional and caring organisation.