Asia Evangelistic Fellowship International Inc

Asia Evangelistic Fellowship International Inc (AEFI) is a values-driven non-profit organisation that pioneers the training and empowering of Asian nationals to reach out to their own communities in their own languages. Founded by the late Dr. G.D. James in 1960, AEFI operates in 10 different countries, planting indigenous churches, building community development projects, and providing education through primary and secondary schools and orphanages. The organisation is led by a dedicated group of international leaders, including Dr. Jonathan James, Dr. Ray Dallin, and Pastor Matt Hall. Joining the AEFI team means becoming part of a passionate network of individuals driven to spread hope and equality across Asia while creating lasting change. AEFI prides itself on dedicating the majority of financial contributions to its mission fields, with minimal administrative costs, and maximizing the impact of your work. Support their work today, and play a meaningful role in the lives of the underprivileged, by educating children or empowering national missionaries to aid their communities. With a strong focus on collaboration, strategy, and community engagement, AEFI is a fulfilling place to work, grow, and make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most. Your skills, time, and passion will find a purposeful home with Asia Evangelistic Fellowship International Inc. Become part of the transformative work AEFI is doing and experience the joy of impacting generations to come.