Associated Peniel Ministries Australia Inc

Associated Peniel Ministries Australia Inc. is an independent Christian association that traces its roots to the Argentine revival movement and the inspiration imparted by Dr. R Edward Miller. The organisation is dedicated to spreading the transformative message of God and providing spiritual guidance to support people from all walks of life. With a passionate commitment to fostering the presence of God through praise, worship, and a heart cleansed from sin, the organisation aims to awaken the latent potential within individuals, driving positive change and growth throughout communities. As a prospective team member of Associated Peniel Ministries Australia Inc., you will be joining a group of dynamic and diverse clergy and laypeople who work diligently to serve and encourage those called to Christian service. Embrace a fulfilling career as part of an organisation dedicated to igniting the lives of people with the transformative power of faith, hope, and love. Help fuel the fire that will brighten futures and light the way for others to follow, and be a part of a movement intent on bringing about Australia's spiritual awakening. Join Associated Peniel Ministries Australia Inc. and experience the difference that true passion, commitment, and dedication can make in your life and in the lives of others.