Atherton Arts Society Inc.

Atherton Arts Society Inc. is a vibrant and supportive community-based organisation dedicated to fostering creativity, artistic growth, and inclusivity across the picturesque Atherton Tablelands region in Far North Queensland, Australia. With a diverse membership that ranges from beginners to established artists, they have fostered an environment that embraces all forms of artistic expression. As a part of the Tableland Region Art Society (TRAS), Atherton Arts members have access to a wide range of creative activities, including group exhibitions, workshops in various art media and techniques, life drawing and painting sessions, printmaking, crafting, and a children's art club. The friendly and collaborative atmosphere nurtured by Atherton Arts Society Inc. is perfect for those with a passion for art and a desire to contribute to the thriving regional community. By joining this extraordinary nonprofit, you'll have the opportunity to work with exciting, talented artists and play a pivotal role in providing a welcoming space, enhancing creativity, and enriching the lives of the region's artists and enthusiasts alike. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to inspire and be inspired at Atherton Arts Society Inc.