Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness Incorporated

Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness Incorporated (ALCW) is a community-driven organisation passionately dedicated to documenting and preserving the extraordinary biodiversity of the Sapphire Coast, NSW. By joining ALCW's mission, you'll have a rare opportunity to contribute to the long-term conservation and appreciation of this unique coastal region. ALCW harnesses the power of local naturalists, scientists, and community members to create a comprehensive and ever-expanding database of the area's diverse marine and terrestrial species. Through their projects and events, not only do you have the chance to expand your knowledge, but also build meaningful connections with like-minded people devoted to protecting and showcasing the region's natural wonders. Potential team members can look forward to engaging in special projects such as Under the Wharf and Beach Weeds, along with opportunities to participate in their annual photo competition. ALCW's ongoing commitment to recording and celebrating the area's biodiversity is a rewarding and enriching pursuit. By being part of the Atlas of Life team, you'll help to ensure that the astonishing flora and fauna of the coastal wilderness in south-east NSW is documented and preserved for future generations. Join ALCW today and play a vital role in safeguarding the beauty and diversity of this precious region.