Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation Inc.

and their families. Their dedicated team is passionate about providing support, raising awareness, and advocating for research to improve the lives of those affected by this condition. By joining AAAF, you will be part of a community that believes in the power of empathy, understanding, and collaboration. In addition to offering a range of support resources, including support groups, programs for parents and youth, and a wig sponsorship program, AAAF is also committed to fostering a strong network of corporate partnerships, ambassadors, and volunteers to help promote its mission. Events such as Crazy Hair Day, Alopecia Awareness Week, and the annual AAAdventure Camp all serve to bring people together, build connections, and foster positive change for those living with Alopecia. By working with AAAF, you will have the opportunity to directly impact the lives of many, using your skills and passion to make a tangible difference. Be part of a team united by a shared mission and core values - be part of the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation, and help create a world where individuals with Alopecia Areata are empowered, supported, and embraced by their community.