Australia India Youth Dialogue Limited

At the Australia India Youth Dialogue (AIYD), bright young minds come together to create a positive impact and foster long-lasting connections between two important nations. AIYD is the leading track-two youth dialogue between Australia and India, hosting 15 exceptional young leaders from various professional fields in both countries at an annual conference. Through a culturally rich exchange of ideas and discussions, AIYD encourages these emerging leaders to think creatively about how their own work and efforts contribute to strengthening the Australia-India relationship. When joining AIYD, you will become part of a diverse and driven community that values multiculturalism in action. Alumni describe their experience as enriching and unique, connecting them with talented professionals who share similar ambitions and visions. More than just a professional opportunity, AIYD fosters lifelong friendships and connections. By being part of AIYD, you will contribute to a lasting positive impact on the collaboration between Australia and India both professionally and personally. AIYD welcomes individuals who are passionate about making a difference, open to learning about different cultures and perspectives, and dedicated to building bridges between these two dynamic nations. Don't miss the opportunity to join this inspiring organisation and help shape a better future together.