Australia Timor-Leste Advancement Society Ltd

Introducing the Australia Timor-Leste Advancement Society Ltd (ATLAS), a passionate non-profit organisation dedicated to uplifting the East Timorese people and enabling self-sufficiency through education, training, and job creation. At ATLAS, the goal is to empower lives and foster a sustainable future by focusing on educational institutions, trade and professional skills development, small business establishment, and sustaining educational facilities and resources for teachers. Not only does ATLAS take pride in its vision of Together lifting the burden of poverty through supporting training, education, and job creation, but it also cherishes its community relationships and broad base of sponsors committed to making a difference. If you are looking to be part of a motivated team striving to create opportunities for those living in poverty and to leave a lasting, positive impact, ATLAS is the place for you. Join ATLAS in their journey to create a better tomorrow for the East Timorese people, and experience the satisfaction of contributing to a brighter future for generations to come. It's your chance to be part of something truly inspiring – because helping others has never been more rewarding.