Australian Access Federation Limited

Australian Access Federation Limited (AAF) is a not-for-profit organisation striving to provide seamless access to online resources for students, researchers, and educators in the education and research sector. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, AAF enables access, authentication, and identity verification, empowering Australian students and researchers to connect and collaborate with various organisations using one username and password. With a list of connected subscribers that include prestigious Australian universities, research organisations, commercial entities, and service providers, AAF's goal is to create a nationwide network fostering data sharing and collaboration. As part of the AAF team, employees are encouraged to be part of an innovative, values-driven culture that emphasizes collaboration, creativity, and professional development to contribute to the development of services for students, research institutions, publishers, platforms, and more. With a focus on international connections and research impact, AAF seeks individuals who are eager to create solutions that best suit the needs of the Australian education and research community. Join AAF and help revolutionize the way Australia seeks knowledge, shares resources, and connects around the globe.