Australian Catholic Safeguarding Limited

Australian Catholic Safeguarding Limited (ACSL) is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for everyone who engages with the Catholic Church in Australia. By committing to the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards and providing a range of professional services and resources, ACSL serves Catholic entities and organisations in their pursuit of creating a safe Church for everyone. As part of this mission, ACSL offers various education and training opportunities aimed at promoting a culture of safety and accountability. Through its collaborative approach, ACSL works to ensure complaints are handled professionally and with sensitivity, with a focus on the wellbeing of victims and survivors. Working at ACSL means being part of a compassionate and dedicated team that helps to drive positive change within the Catholic Church in Australia. By joining their efforts, you will contribute to the ongoing work of reconciliation with Aboriginal families and communities, support the healing process for abuse victims and survivors, and work to restore trust within the community. Embark on a rewarding journey with ACSL and help make a lasting impact on the lives of countless people across the nation.