Australian Diabetes Society Limited

Australian Diabetes Society Limited (ADS) is a values-driven organisation that aims to improve the lives of those living with diabetes through excellence in education, research, and clinical care. As the peak national medical and scientific body in Australia, ADS is dedicated to preventing diabetes and its complications through collaboration, research, and the development of effective clinical guidelines and standards. Joining the ADS community means working side by side with a diverse team of endocrinologists, scientists, researchers, diabetes educators, primary care practitioners, and allied health professionals, all equally committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals affected by diabetes. By working with unified partners such as Diabetes Australia and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association, ADS strives to create better treatment and care options for those dealing with diabetes. By seeking a career with ADS, you take up the opportunity to be a part of a dedicated team of professionals making a significant impact in the realm of diabetes care and prevention. Together, we can work towards a better and healthier future for all Australians. Discover the possibilities of making lasting change in the lives of those living with diabetes by joining the Australian Diabetes Society Limited today.