Australian Ethical Foundation Ltd

Australian Ethical Foundation Ltd is a values-driven organisation that goes above and beyond in its commitment to making the world a better place through ethical investments and philanthropy. With a key focus on fighting climate change, this not-for-profit organisation has dedicated over $8 million in funding to effective charities and climate solutions since 2000. By joining their team, you will be part of an inspiring mission to lead and grow more effective climate philanthropy in Australia. Beyond their generous donations to the Australian Ethical Foundation, this NFP is also committed to applying effective altruism principles to inform climate philanthropy strategic giving. Their efforts are concentrated on three main themes: stopping sources of carbon, supporting carbon sinks, and empowering women and girls. As part of their team, you will contribute to creating grassroots and systemic impact in these critical areas. By working with Australian Ethical Foundation Ltd, you will be proudly upholding a legacy of ethical, responsible investment and thriving in an inclusive, collaborative environment. Join this forward-thinking organisation and be inspired to make a difference every day, knowing that your work is truly making the world a better place for future generations. Don't miss the opportunity to hone your skills, grow your career, and be part of a truly exceptional NFP organisation.