Australian Evaluation Society Limited

Australian Evaluation Society Limited (AES) is a leading not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and strengthening evaluation practice, theory, and use across Australia. With a strong focus on creating quality evaluations that make a difference, AES has established itself as a trusted and respected name in the field. By working at AES, employees become part of a passionate and dedicated team that values innovation, excellence, and leadership. The organisation encourages and supports the professional growth of its team members, providing a nurturing environment where workers can become experts in their respective fields. AES is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace, where diversity is celebrated and respected. The organisation acknowledges the unique cultural and spiritual relationships that Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have with the land and strives to honor those connections in every aspect of its work. With opportunities to get involved in member activities, special interest groups, and regional networks, AES employees can contribute to the betterment of the evaluation community and broaden their professional horizons. Furthermore, AES provides access to a wealth of resources, including professional learning events, an annual international conference, and various workshops. Join the Australian Evaluation Society Limited today and find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals, driven by a desire to create lasting change in the world of evaluation. As part of the AES team, not only will you gain invaluable skills and knowledge, but a sense of purpose and fulfillment as well.