Australian Flora Foundation Inc

The Australian Flora Foundation Inc (AFF) is a passionate and dedicated non-profit organisation committed to fostering scientific research into the biology and cultivation of Australia's unique plant life. Established in 1981, AFF believes that by encouraging research, they can develop a greater awareness of the value of Australia's flora, leading to enhanced conservation and utilization measures. Funds for research are raised through membership, donations, and bequests, allowing AFF to support various vital projects. When joining the Australian Flora Foundation, you become part of a community that is dedicated to understanding and preserving Australia's diverse and precious flora. The organisation supports projects through Malcolm Reed (Large) Grants and Small Grants, which provide valuable financial assistance to researchers pursuing critical work. By working for AFF, you can contribute to the ongoing efforts in promoting flora conservation, research, and education. Be part of an inspiring movement that is safeguarding Australia's beautiful and delicate natural environment for future generations. Join the Australian Flora Foundation and make a significant difference in nurturing and maintaining the incredible biodiversity that this great country has to offer.