Australian Institute of Neuro-rehabilitation Limited

At the Australian Institute of Neuro-rehabilitation (AIN), they are driven by a passion for helping people living with physical disabilities from neurological conditions by harnessing the power of cutting-edge rehabilitation technology. Established in 2016, this small volunteer-run charity has collaborated with a wide range of experts, including health professionals, researchers, and policy-makers, to bring exoskeleton technology to Australia and provide innovative therapeutic solutions to patients. By supporting AIN, you will play a role in their mission to raise funds for robotic neuro-rehab projects across the country. You'll also join a dedicated team that values collaboration, innovation, and creating meaningful impact in people's lives. AIN's work involves not only providing access to exoskeleton therapy sessions but also sharing knowledge and increasing awareness about neuro-rehabilitation and neuroplasticity. Their commitment to knowledge-sharing and collaboration has led to the development of a robotic neuro-rehab technology map aimed at making information easily accessible to the Australian public. As part of the AIN team, you'll be part of an organisation that not only embraces state-of-the-art technology but also advocates for the right to rehabilitation as a fundamental human right. Join AIN today and help inspire a brighter future for all those living with neurological conditions.