Australian National University Student Media

Australian National University Student Media (ANUSM), operating under the name Woroni, is a vibrant and dynamic non-profit organisation that strives to inform, entertain, and uplift the ANU community through its diverse multimedia offerings. ANUSM believes in the immense power of storytelling and values the passionate engagement of young individuals in a shared platform where creativity has no bounds. Working for ANUSM means being part of a talented and spirited team dedicated to amplifying student voices and generating conversations that matter. As a staff member, you'll be encouraged to grow as an individual and develop skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. The organisation fosters a welcoming and open-minded environment where fresh ideas and constructive criticisms are celebrated. Join the ANUSM family and contribute to a community-driven and values-centered organisation that strives to make a difference. Showcase your talent, engage with fellow students, and create a lasting impact as you navigate life within the buzzing ANU campus. Together, let's build a brighter and stronger future for the student community through the power of media and shared experiences.