Australian Nurses Memorial Centre

Join the team at the Australian Nurses Memorial Centre (ANMC), an organisation deeply rooted in honoring the sacrifices made by courageous nurses throughout history. As part of ANMC, you will contribute to preserving the memories and stories of nurses who served their country during World War II, both those who lost their lives and those who survived as prisoners of war. Fostering a living memorial means supporting nurses and midwives today through scholarships and postgraduate opportunities, ensuring the continuation of the incredible legacy left by founders Vivian Bullwinkel and Betty Jeffery. In addition to being part of a passionate and values-driven team, you will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals at various ANMC events, such as commemorative services and community programs. Working within the ANMC, you'll be part of an organisation dedicated to both the past and future, honoring and supporting nurses in Australia and beyond. Be ready to be inspired and to inspire others, as you help preserve and promote the incredible contributions made by nurses throughout history.