Australian Rickettsial Reference Laboratory Foundation Limited

Australian Rickettsial Reference Laboratory Foundation Limited (ARRL) is a prestigious not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of rickettsial diseases. These diseases, caused by bacteria from the Rickettsia genus, can be debilitating, life-threatening, and are often overlooked. At ARRL, they are passionate about enhancing public health and global wellbeing through the provision of comprehensive rickettsial research, education, and expert diagnostic services. Their team consists of highly skilled professionals who share a common goal: to make a tangible and lasting impact on individual patients’ lives, as well as on communities across Australia and beyond. Working at ARRL provides an opportunity to be part of an organisation that values integrity, collaboration, and commitment to excellence. By joining the ARRL team, you will contribute to meaningful research, create innovative solutions and ultimately help to combat the devastating effects of rickettsial diseases. If you're looking for a rewarding career that directly improves the lives of others, consider joining the Australian Rickettsial Reference Laboratory Foundation Limited. Together, you can make a difference and pave the way for a healthier world.