Australian-Asian Association of Victoria Scholarship Fund

The Australian-Asian Association of Victoria Scholarship Fund is a remarkable not-for-profit organisation that has been fostering friendship, understanding, and good fellowship between the people of Australia and Asia since 1956. With an unwavering commitment to building inter-cultural awareness, this incredible organisation focuses on exchanging information, supporting international students, encouraging Asian language skills, and welcoming new settlers from Asia. Join a team that aims to make a difference by participating in meaningful events, advocating for Asian languages, and cherishing Asian history, art, and traditions. By being a part of the Australian-Asian Association of Victoria, you will have the unique opportunity to meet, network, and learn from young professionals, families, host families, students, academic professionals, retirees, and others who have a shared passion for Asian culture and a commitment to fostering international goodwill and understanding. Be inspired to contribute in designing an inclusive, diverse future and take pride in working for an organisation profoundly committed to making a positive impact on the lives of Australians and Asians, enhancing cross-cultural connections, and promoting global harmony. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the change and make a difference within this welcoming, values-driven organisation.