Aviation Historical Society of the NT Inc

Step into the world of aviation history and join the esteemed team at the Aviation Historical Society of the NT Inc. As a not-for-profit organisation, the society is the driving force behind the Darwin Aviation Museum, dedicated to preserving and promoting the Northern Territory's rich aviation heritage. Amongst its award-winning displays, the museum features 19 aircraft, 21 engines, 38 major displays, and some astonishing wartime artefacts, presenting an invaluable opportunity to make a meaningful impact by sharing these stories with visitors. Become a part of a team that cherishes the value of history, and take pride in working for an accredited tourism attraction that celebrates the triumphs and tribulations woven into Darwin's aviation past. In this unique environment, you will contribute to inspiring others, while you learn and grow professionally alongside a group of passionate individuals committed to a common vision: to preserve and promote these crucial pieces of history for generations to come. Join the Aviation Historical Society of the NT Inc. and prepare to embark on an inspiring journey into Darwin's incredible aviation history.