Aztem Inc

Aztem Inc is a values-driven, non-profit organisation dedicated to mobilizing, training, and supporting Australian Christians in the global workplace. Inspired by the tentmakers of the gospel, Aztem works in partnership with local churches and other mission agencies to equip believers with marketable skills that allow them to witness and share the love of Christ in cross-cultural situations. As part of a vibrant network of serving and returned tentmakers, Aztem believes in the power of community, experience, and international connections to make a lasting impact on the world. Opportunities abound for cross-cultural service in various countries, with professionals from diverse fields like architecture, teaching, business, IT, law, and more making a meaningful contribution to their host societies. At Aztem, identity, intent, and journeying together are core principles that guide believers in living out their faith with eternal impact. Join Aztem Inc and be part of a passionate community that not only transforms lives but also drives positive change for a better tomorrow. Embrace the chance to be part of God's unfolding plan, and embark on a fulfilling journey of faith, service, and personal growth.