At the Bangle Foundation Ltd, they believe that everyone deserves to live a life free from harm and fear. With a focus on supporting women of South Asian heritage, this dedicated NFP organisation tirelessly works to provide essential domestic abuse support services to those in need. With a passionate and committed team of volunteers, they not only assist women facing adversities but also empower them to grow stronger every day. When you join the Bangle Foundation, you become part of a fun-loving, supportive community that truly values making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. From participating in enriching community activities to suggesting new programs and courses, you'll play a crucial role in driving positive change. Additionally, the Bangle Foundation encourages volunteers to connect and share their stories, fostering an environment of mutual understanding and inspiration. By contributing your time and talents to the Bangle Foundation, you'll not only be making a tangible impact on the lives of women experiencing domestic abuse but also be part of a nurturing and uplifting environment that celebrates success and individual growth. So, are you ready to empower, support and make a difference? Consider joining the Bangle Foundation today and become an agent of change for a brighter and safer tomorrow.