Bayside Masonic Lodges Christmas Parcels is a vibrant not for profit organisation that embodies brotherly love, relief, and truth in its mission. Driven by a passion for supporting their local community, they have made a significant impact in providing assistance to those in need for over 56 years. Tackling critical times of the year like Christmas, this dedicated team of volunteers work tirelessly to distribute food, refreshment, and other necessities to community support groups and directly to needy individuals. By joining the heartwarming effort of Freemasons Community Relief (FCR), you will become an essential part of an organisation that values charitable giving and voluntary service. Not only will you be making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who may be struggling, but you'll also have the opportunity to hone your skills and grow personally and professionally within a nurturing and supportive environment. FCR is honoured to have Deductible Gift Recipient approval from the Australian Taxation Office, allowing donors and supporters to contribute funds and receive tax-deductible receipts for donations over $2. By aligning with this esteemed organisation, you will be part of a proud legacy that fosters camaraderie, cooperation, and charity. Let Bayside Masonic Lodges Christmas Parcels inspire you to make a difference in your community!