Bluewater Brumbies Inc. is a passionately driven non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation and welfare of wild horses in the Bluewater Park and Bluewater communities. Founded by community members who care deeply about the well-being of these magnificent animals, the organisation aims to find sustainable and humane methods to manage the local horse population. Bluewater Brumbies Inc. is committed to preventing inhumane culling, fostering productive relationships with various stakeholders, and advocating for the welfare of all horses in the region. Joining the Bluewater Brumbies Inc. means being part of a dedicated and inspiring team that works tirelessly to protect and preserve these beautiful creatures. By working together, the organisation seeks to create a world where wild horses can coexist peacefully with their local communities. If you share this vision and have a passion for the humane treatment of animals, then Bluewater Brumbies Inc. is the perfect place for you to make an impact. Come be part of a meaningful cause that not only benefits the horses but also helps to create a thriving and compassionate community.