Bass Coast Landcare Network Inc

Bass Coast Landcare Network Inc is a community-driven organisation dedicated to supporting a productive, biodiverse landscape incorporating sustainable agricultural practices and innovative environmental enterprises. They collaborate with groups, communities, and partners to provide on-ground services in the delivery of innovative land and environmental management practices, ensuring healthy and resilient communities and ecosystems for generations to come. Through education and training programs for all ages, Bass Coast Landcare Network works towards creating knowledgeable land managers who care for and appreciate the wonders and benefits of a healthy, productive landscape. Their programs help landholders with revegetation, weed control, and property works, supporting sustainable agriculture and empowering landholders and householders to reduce their impacts on the environment. Working with Bass Coast Landcare Network Inc is an opportunity to contribute to the vital management and continuing health of our land, which is crucial to our wellbeing and the economy. Their aim to inspire the next generation of Landcarers and drive positive change in the environmental sector makes it an inspiring non-profit to be a part of. Join their team today and help make a massive difference in the world around you.