Bhakti Meditation Centre Limited

At the heart of the Bhakti Meditation Centre Limited is a deep commitment to bringing ancient wisdom to modern times. Founded by the enigmatic and inspirational Swami Govindananda, this not-for-profit organisation seeks to provide accessible ways for individuals to learn and grow through the teachings of yoga and spirituality. Operating on a foundation of generosity and upliftment, the centre's work extends beyond the walls of their facility, touching the lives of those in need within the local community and beyond. With a range of online classes, live events, and private sessions, the Bhakti Meditation Centre offers a variety of opportunities for individuals at all levels of experience to explore the realms of self-improvement and understanding. Every aspect of the organisation is infused with a sense of warmth, collaboration, and positivity, fostering an environment that nurtures personal growth and self-realisation. By joining Bhakti Meditation Centre Limited, you become part of a passionate team dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others through the transformative power of spiritual wisdom. With its emphasis on giving, you will lend your skills and energy to the betterment of the world around you, making a true impact that extends far beyond yourself. This is an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to an organisation that is as inspiring as it is fulfilling, and become part of a legacy marked by compassion, understanding, and true personal growth.