Bikers for Kids Inc

Bikers for Kids Inc is a remarkable non-profit organisation that has been making a difference in the lives of children in need for over 40 years. With their annual Bikers for Kids Newcastle Toy Run, they not only bring joy to countless young hearts during the festive season, but also rally the community together to support the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. Championing values of compassion, solidarity, and community spirit, Bikers for Kids Inc has persistently displayed unwavering dedication to their cause. If you thrive in a values-driven environment where you get to witness the direct impact of your actions in the lives of others, joining the Bikers for Kids Inc team is the ideal opportunity for you. By being part of this organisation, you not only contribute to a remarkable legacy but also immerse yourself in a vibrant and inclusive community where both spectators and riders come together to make a positive change. Imagine a world of markets, food trucks, bands, and kids' entertainment, all amidst the resounding revs of bike engines. Together, let's put smiles on children's faces and lend a helping hand to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal - Bikers for Kids Inc awaits you!