Bletchington Public School Parents and Citizens Association

Bletchington Public School Parents and Citizens Association (BPSPCA) is a dedicated non-profit organisation that aims to create a positive and fulfilling educational experience for students and their families. By fostering close cooperation between parents, carers, and staff, BPSPCA supports a wide range of school activities, initiatives, and programs designed to enrich students' academic, social, and extra-curricular lives. Working hand in hand with the school's principal and executive team, BPSPCA continually raises funds to provide facilities, services, and equipment for the benefit of all students in the community. Their ongoing efforts have resulted in the development of essential infrastructure, including covered walkways, playgrounds, and a wireless network. Additionally, they also support the costs of activities such as the Welcome BBQ, school production, and home readers program. Joining the BPSPCA team presents a rewarding opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of Bletchington Public School, its students, and its community. New members are welcomed with open arms, and by supporting the school and its activities, you can create a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of the students and their families.