Blinky Bill Early Learning Portland INC

Blinky Bill Early Learning Portland INC is a vibrant non-profit organisation that believes providing holistic quality care and enriched foundational learning in a safe and caring environment is crucial for young children. They are dedicated supporters of a play-based adaptive curriculum, backed by intentional teaching, that helps children develop a positive disposition to learning. Their goal is to build authentic, respectful partnerships with children, their families, and the community, embracing individuality and diversity while maintaining equity. At the heart of Blinky Bill Early Learning is a strong commitment to supporting and promoting the well-being of children. There, children are encouraged to become autonomous and active participants in their learning and decision-making processes. The organisation values and respects the Wiradjuri culture and embeds it in their curriculum. Blinky Bill Early Learning invites those who are passionate about working in a stimulating, supportive and nurturing environment to join their team. By working together, they strive to create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels a strong sense of belonging, being, and becoming. Be part of an organisation that acknowledges the First Peoples of Australia and their cultural heritage, and helps shape the future generations of our society.