Bma Benevolent Society Incorporated

At BMA Benevolent Society Incorporated, their dedicated team believes that giving is receiving. Driven by the principles of kindness and compassion, they work tirelessly to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who are struggling. As a potential member of their team, you'll be inspired by their commitment to providing material aid, counseling, guidance, and financial assistance to the people who need it most. In this non-profit organisation, your work will have a direct and positive impact on individuals and families grappling with issues like drug and alcohol misuse, domestic violence, and family breakdown. Rooted in Jewish teachings and the Chabad Chasiddut approach, the team at BMA is devoted to empowering those they help through education and healthy self-esteem. What sets BMA Benevolent Society apart is their spirit of collaboration. They actively work alongside other suitable services to ensure that their objectives are met and that they can provide the best possible support to those in need. By joining this passionate team, you'll be part of a mission that changes lives for the better—while also rediscovering the true value of giving. Whether you're using your skills to help raise donations, contribute ideas to ensure BMA's continued success, or directly assisting individuals in need, your work will provide the fulfillment and purpose you've been seeking.