Brand X Productions Incorporated

Brand X Productions Incorporated is a renowned non-profit organisation dedicated to creating affordable, accessible space for artists in Sydney since 2005. It operates with a strong sense of commitment to fostering creativity and providing artists with state-of-the-art facilities to excel in their craft. With a diverse selection of arts spaces, including performing arts, visual arts, music, digital media, and arts business, Brand X has established itself as an indispensable part of the artistic community. Not only does Brand X provide impeccable spaces for artists to flourish, but it also offers an Artist Pass loyalty program, granting its members subsidized hire of its spaces, free access to training programs, and discount tickets to live performances. The organisation's diverse programs and residencies, including the City of Sydney Creative Studios, further exemplify its dedication to facilitating artistic growth within the community. By joining Brand X, you will become an integral part of an esteemed organisation that fosters talent and transforms the creative landscape in Sydney. Take pride in making a difference for countless artists, and enjoy the rewarding experience of contributing to a thriving, creative culture. Let your passion for the arts drive you forward, as you join the dedicated team at Brand X Productions Incorporated.