Brisbane Islamic Centre Limited

Brisbane Islamic Centre Limited (BIC) is a vibrant not-for-profit organisation devoted to fostering understanding and harmony among diverse communities. With a strong focus on education, cultural awareness, and collaboration, BIC is committed to building lasting connections between Muslims and non-Muslims in Australia. This respected organisation envisions a place of worship and learning for Muslims, while also acting as a bridge for dialogue and understanding between different faiths, cultures, and customs. Through inspiring programs, events, and educational initiatives, BIC is boldly redefining what it means to be a not-for-profit in today's world. When you join the dedicated team at BIC, you become part of a passionate network of individuals committed to making a difference in the lives of others. The Brisbane Islamic Centre's stunning facilities, which include a mosque, community center, and library, are a testament to the organisation's ongoing dedication to serving the community. By working with this dynamic and values-driven organisation, your talents will be leveraged to help create a spirit of understanding and harmony for the Muslim community in Brisbane, and the Australian society as a whole. If you are passionate about making a positive impact and fostering interfaith cooperation, BIC may be the perfect fit for you.