Brothers of St John of God Provincial Office

Brothers of St John of God Provincial Office is a compassionate, values-driven organisation with a profound sense of purpose. As a religious order of the Catholic Church, Brothers of St John of God, along with their dedicated lay co-workers, commit themselves to the healing mission of the Church by offering hospitable health and social services to those affected by poverty, illness, homelessness, disabilities, and other unmet basic human needs. Inspired by the teachings of St John of God and the Christian tradition of the Good Samaritan, this vibrant organisation responds to the needs of communities across Oceania. With a focus on providing hospitality and compassionate care, Brothers of St John of God strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized. By joining this remarkable not-for-profit team, you will be contributing to a legacy of hospitality that stretches back over four centuries to the founding of the Brotherhood. Embrace the opportunity to make a lasting impact on countless lives while working alongside dedicated and passionate professionals in a deeply rewarding and inspiring environment. Discover for yourself the transformative power of true hospitality at Brothers of St John of God Provincial Office.