Bruny Island Environment Network Inc

Bruny Island Environment Network Inc (BIEN) is a passionate and dedicated non-profit organisation committed to conserving the picturesque natural resources and rich biodiversity of Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia. Established in 2009, BIEN brings together a community of individuals and groups focused on preserving the island's stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife, ensuring its protection for future generations. Working at BIEN is an opportunity for someone with a strong love for nature, animal welfare, and sustainability to contribute toward meaningful change. You will find yourself joining a team that celebrates solidarity in its mission to make a positive impact on Bruny Island's endemic birds, thriving ecosystems, and breathtaking sceneries. In the process, you'll be making strides to create a more eco-friendly world. At BIEN, they encourage innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning, allowing you to grow both personally and professionally. Join BIEN in their inspiring journey to shape a better and greener future not just for Bruny Island but for the entire world. Be a part of the change and create lasting memories that you and the generations to come will cherish.