Buddhist Council Of Victoria

The Buddhist Council of Victoria (BCV) is a compassionate and inclusive nonprofit organisation that seeks to create a positive impact in the lives of individuals and communities throughout the beautiful state of Victoria. By serving as the representative body for Buddhists in the region, BCV is dedicated to promoting peace, understanding, and harmony through various programs, partnerships, and initiatives. BCV's approach is anchored in the values of kindness, integrity, and cooperation, as demonstrated by their involvement in areas such as education, interfaith dialogue, prison and healthcare chaplaincy, and community support. The council's Healthy Family Relationships Project is a prime example of BCV's commitment to empower and elevate the lives of many, particularly in addressing family violence. As a part of the BCV team, you'll be essential in spreading Buddhism's teachings of compassion, love, and respect, contributing to a society that values spiritual growth, interconnectedness, and social responsibility. Join BCV in this rewarding journey of personal and collective transformation where, together, you will work towards a brighter, more compassionate Victoria for all.