Carers NT Limited is a compassionate, non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting unpaid carers in the Northern Territory of Australia. They believe in the power of community and work diligently to maintain a caring environment, built on strong values and principles, to positively impact the lives of carers and those they care for. By joining the Carers NT team, you will play an essential role in providing care, aid, information, and advocacy to those in need, through a range of services, including respite care, therapy, education and training, and support for individuals with disabilities. Carers NT offers employees the opportunity to not only develop their professional knowledge and skillset but to also make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. With a collaborative approach and strong partnerships across state and territory Carer organisations, the Carers NT family is united by a shared passion for empowering and uplifting carers of all ages and backgrounds. Now is your chance to join a fulfilling, values-driven organisation that strives to be a beacon of support for carers in the vast and diverse Northern Territory community.