CENTRAL SERVICE OFFICE VICTORIA LTD is a vital support system for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction, offering a safe and welcoming environment for those seeking help. Their comprehensive range of services is designed to assist members in their journey towards a fulfilling, alcohol-free life, with a strong focus on compassion and empathy. As an organisation deeply rooted in the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, they promote the principles of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions. Their mission is to provide accessible and inclusive meetings for people from all walks of life, with the ultimate goal of promoting lasting recovery in the community. By joining the dedicated team at CENTRAL SERVICE OFFICE VICTORIA LTD, you'll have the unique opportunity to make a profound difference in people's lives while supporting an organisation committed to continuous growth and improvement. Whether it's facilitating meetings, engaging with members, or supporting administrative tasks, your work will be instrumental in providing the guidance and tools necessary for individuals to overcome their addiction. If you're passionate about making a meaningful impact and empowering others to overcome their struggles, CENTRAL SERVICE OFFICE VICTORIA LTD offers an unparalleled opportunity to transform lives and create lasting change within the community.