Country Education Foundation of Cowra Inc is a values-driven organisation focused on nurturing the potential of young individuals from rural communities. They believe in supporting the dreams and aspirations of local youth, and strive to level the playing field for students facing greater financial challenges than their metropolitan counterparts. At the heart of the organisation lies the passion for educational equity, driven by the shared belief that every young person deserves an opportunity to grow, learn and succeed – regardless of their background. Offering financial grants to students pursuing a diverse range of education and career pursuits, CEF Cowra has a lasting impact on the lives of local youth. By joining CEF Cowra, you'll embark on a fulfilling journey alongside passionate, like-minded individuals dedicated to making a difference in the lives of rural students. Become a part of this empowering movement, and help build a brighter future for local youth. Together, you will celebrate their accomplishments and support their goals, while making a lasting impact on the community.